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My interest in the A-10, the patches and history of the units operating and flying the A-10 in the USAF started in 1980 when I did serve in the German Air Force with JABOG 31 "Boelcke" at Nörvenich AB operating F-104 G`s.

Right at that time the USAF started to use Nörvenich AB as one of the 4 Forward Operation Locations in Germany  for the A-10`s of the 81st TFW from RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge during the Cold War. The first A-10`s arriving June 14th 1980 and Detachment 4, 81st TFW was formed August 4th 1980, proudly becoming 3rd SQN JABOG 31 “Boelcke” , operating A-10`s until it`s deactivation December 19th 1991.

The first Squadron of the 81st TFW assigned to fly from Nörvenich was the 78th TFS until 1989, being replaced by the 510th TFS in later years until deactivation.

The 303rd TFS did fly from Nörvenich in 1984 for 2 weeks during Operation Coronet Card.

When the 81st TFW disbanded due to end of the cold war the 510th TFS moved from RAF Bentwaters to the 52nd FW at Spangdahlem AB in 1993, becoming the 81st FS in 1994, deactivating and ending

A-10 operations over Germany and Europe in 2013.

I quite got hooked on the A-10 and their units operating this great aircraft.

Just fascinating seeing the A-10 fly, turn, jink and hearing the distinctive sound of the TF 34 engine.

My collection started with receiving a set of patches from a 78th TFS pilot in 1980 at Nörvenich, what was to come over the years you see in my collection.

If being active service, veteran or retired former USAF A-10, USAF, A-10 enthusiast, fellow collector or just interested in military aviation; enjoy the site.

For the ones who served and serve, a “big Thank´s for your service” from the Cold War days up to this day!

Not just in support of your own US troops on the ground but also in support of the Allies when in need.

All too fast it is forgotten freedom is not free

A big thank`s to all that did/ do help and assisted / assist me over the years, especially mentioned the USAF A-10 community.

For protecting personal  privacy no individual names, call signs are mentioned of people still serving or retired; but be sure your help and assistance very well is acknowledged and appreciated!

Your efforts are not forgotten.

Feel free to contact me for questions, remarks and suggestions.

Any help/ assistance in finding patches related to the A-10 units and the A-10 not shown here will be appreciated very much.